Webhook Integration

Send Sentry data to your service with our webhook integration. To use the webhook integration go to the Integrations page in the application.


To start navigate to the Integrations Tab in Mining Sentry

Add Your Service Details

Click on the Create button and add your service details. You will now receive data for the events that you selected such as inspection created, inspection resolved.

Example Payload

  "inspectionId": "b7c1a1b3-9d9c-4647-b6a2-197eaf671e36",
  "workspaceId": "4266af87-e607-444b-a5c1-e0fb348ea4f6",
  "inspectionName": "Long Equipment Inspection",
  "isEquipment": true,
  "inspectorFirstName": "Robert",
  "inspectorLastName": "Smith",
  "notes": null,
  "createdAt": "2022-11-17T21:03:31.9796939Z",
  "zoneName": "Haul truck",
  "hours": null,
  "mileage": null,
  "gallonsFuel": null,
  "isFailed": false,
  "isResolved": false,
  "answers": [
      "question": "Wipers",
      "answer": "Ok",
      "isFailure": false,
      "imagePath": null,
      "notes": "",
      "resolvedAt": null,
      "resolvingMemberFirstName": null,
      "resolvingMemberLastName": null,
      "resolutionDetails": null,
      "resolutionImagePath": null

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