Site Specific Hazard Training

Improve safety and communication with Mining Sentry Visitor

Requirements Overview

Site-specific hazard awareness training must be given before any person is exposed to mine hazards.

More Information on site specific hazard training

Visitor App

The visitor app is used by drillers, blasters, welders, contracts and any other person required to participate in Site Specific Hazard Training.

Visitors sign into your mining plant by providing their phone number and a mine code. The mine code is your msha id or code that you specify. Example: west-plant.

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Once the visitor signs in they will enter information about their company and take the required site specific training. This training is a video, visitors can not fast forward the video and must watch till the end. Once the video is completed a button will appear for them to accept training.

This training is valid for 1 year. When their training is expired we will prompt them to complete the training again.

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